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The sandman

Production Designer


The Sandman is a magical being whose purpose is making people fall asleep. After a strike of bad luck accidentally makes a railway operator deeply fall asleep, The Sandman is faced with the obstacle of contradicting his life purpose to wake up the operator just as two trains are approaching in opposite directions.

AWARDS & nominations

  • BEST ANIMATION SHORT WINNER - Hollywood International Moving Image Awards (California)

  • FINALIST - 4th Annual Mountain Shadow Short Film Competition (California)

  • FINALIST - Baja California International Film Festival (Mexico)

  • BEST INTERNATIONAL FILM NOMINEE - Underground Cinema Short Film Awards (Ireland)

  • BEST ANIMATION & CGI FINALIST - The Short Film Show Awards (United Kingdom)

  • SEMI-FINALIST - Los Angeles Cine Fest (California)

  • SEMI-FINALIST - Fine Cut Southern California

  • BEST FILM SCORE NOMINEE - International Sound & Film Music Festival (Croatia)

  • BEST ANIMATION FILM - Global Short Film Awards (Cannes, France)

Official selections

  • Austin International Film Festival (Texas)

  • Animatopia International Children's Animation Festival (Switzerland)

  • Kingstoon Festival (Jamaica)

  • Caminhos Film Festival (Portugal)

  • Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (South Korea)

  • Bristol Independent Film Festival (United Kingdom)

  • Brazil International Film Festival (Brazil)

  • Corto Creativo Short Film Festival (Mexico)

  • Irvine International Film Festival (California)

  • Green Bay Film Festival (Wisconsin)

  • Long Beach International Film Festival (New York)

  • Panamanian International Film Festival in Los Angeles (California)

  • Indie Memphis Film Festival (Tennessee)

  • Film Girl Film Festival (Wisconsin)

  • LA Shorts International Film Festival (California)

  • Palm Springs International Animation Festival (California)

  • Sonoma International Film Festival (California)

  • Ocean City Film Festival (Maryland)

  • CMS International Children's Film Festival (India)

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